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Sci-Fi / Horror
Apr 10, 2013

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One of Larry Buchanan's first films, so don't expect the polish and complex character interactions of his later work, like "Mars Needs Women" or "Zontar, the Thing from Venus."
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Topics: Horror, Larry Buchanan, schlock
Feature Films
Jul 28, 2012

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Unlike the other copy on the archive, this is the WHOLE movie!
Topics: Biblical, Historical, Peblum
Sci-Fi / Horror
Jul 11, 2012 Larry Buchanan

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Yet another upload of Zontar, but with one difference: this one doesn't have washed out colors that make everything and everyone a shade of pink or red.
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Topics: Larry Buchanan, Sci-Fi, B-movie
Short Format Films
Mar 2, 2012 L. D. Moore

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True-to-life documentary of how the CIA and SEAL Team Six ended Osama bin Laden's life...NOT! Actually a re-edit and slight re-dub of "Eegah!" mimicking the events as reported by the government. Enjoy, but don't steal!
Topics: Mashup, Osama bin Laden, Humor
Sci-Fi / Horror
Feb 18, 2012 Al Bradley

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From the makers of "Cosmos: War of the Planets" and "Star Odyssey" comes another craptastic Italian Star Wars ripoff!
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Topics: Italian, Al Bradley, Sci-Fi
Animation Shorts
Apr 20, 2011 E. C. Segar

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Wikipedia (not the most reliable source, I know) lists all the Fleischer/Famous Studios Popeye cartoons in the Public Domain, These five haven't been uploaded yet. I checked the later ones with USCO, but I don't have the wherewithal to check the earlier ones. If I'm in error, let me know so I can take the offenders down.
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Topics: popeye, animation
Sci-Fi / Horror
Mar 11, 2011 L. D. Moore

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A mashup of "Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet," "Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women," and "Battle Beyond the Sun," with some primitive special effects thrown in. Apologies for the quality of the dubbing, neither I nor my equipment are ready for the studio :)
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Topics: sci-fi, mashup
Feature Films
Dec 23, 2010

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A bizarre flick from Mexico translated by K. Gordon Murray for children's matinees, in which Santa Claus is the envy of the CIA and avoids child labor laws by keeping his slaves in an orbital castle over the North Pole. Currently #44 on IMDB's Bottom 100 of worst films, beating out "Santa Claus Conquers the Martians" by a wide margin. From everything I've heard, it's PD in Mexico, too, so the GATT monster didn't get this one!
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Topics: Santa Claus, christmas
Animation & Cartoons
Dec 22, 2010 L. D. Moore

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This one should start some arguments! We all know that the Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer character is NOT PD, even though IA has a copy of the revised cartoon of that name, with the famous song added. Superman, the Shadow, Dick Tracy and the Lone Ranger are just a few other characters on here that are trademarked, but still appear in PD video. And we know that Rankin & Bass made a stop-motion animation of Rudolph in 1964, with an invalid copyright notice claiming copyright from the year...
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Topics: Christmas, Rudolph
Feature Films
Nov 20, 2010

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Bizarre nudie-cutie western from 1959. It appears to be without copyright notice and no renewal is listed, so it's doubly PD.
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Topic: Western Nude
Sci-Fi / Horror
Oct 24, 2010 L. D. Moore

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A modification of the other color file provided by Movie Powder removing the copyright notice by creating a new title.
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Topics: Larry Buchanan, Sci-Fi, Aliens
Sci-Fi / Horror
Sep 13, 2009 L. D. Moore

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From the IMDb: "The credits on the version of this movie which exists today are actually for the movie "Mad Doctor of Blood Island" and bear no relation to this film. This comes from when they were originally intended to be released as a double feature. "Contrary to popular belief, this film was not directed by Kenneth G. Crane, was not made in 1970, was not produced by Toei Company, and was not titled "The Double Garden". It was originally filmed in 1966 as...
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Topics: Sci-Fi, Horror, B-Movie